Dining masks for skin at home

MaskAlong with the cosmetic products of gravity production to supply the facial skin of a facial skin, you can use a variety of foods, which are almost ever at hand. Ofttimes in our cook room and in a refrigerator there yogurt, eggs, fruits, raw vegetables, honey, cereals, olive butter and so on. These products can create your skin properly-groomed and lovely. Preferring seasonal raw vegetables, fruits and berries, not only for food, but for outdoor use, you will give a skin a opportunity to get out of them all a required vitamin, minerals and other nutrients.And if you have the desire, time, and opportunity, you can experiment and do the own homemade cream. For him, you will need: very dry chamomile flowers 1 spoon l., 1 tsp. Natural honey, 1 teaspoonful glycerine, 1 spoon a butter, 1 tablespoon olive butter, fresh egg 1 pc., camphor oil 1 tsp. (For dry face type) or camphor alcohol 1 TWO tbsp (For young and combination skin type).Initially, heat in a aqua bath of chamomile flowers, divorced and a half cups of stewing water, soak 15 minutes, so Strain and pour into a separate container 4 soup spoon of broth. In it, add to the honey and glycerin, stir properly until completely dissolved.Also, in a water bath, heating a butter and olive oil, remove with heat, without boiling, append a egg and camphor (alcohol or oil).The two resulting mix, combine in a single container, and beat with a mixer until polish consistency, allow to cool and reload in a prepared jar. A individual fluid is ready. Just store it in a cool place is recommended and not very long.Same posts:Mask Facial skin care home remediesMask Facial skin care home remediesCover Skin care acne.

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